Yardly Crossword Puzzles: Solved!

Hello folks!

If you've received one of our crossword puzzles, either through the mail or at our mall booth in Bonnie Doon Mall which ran from April 29th - May 4th, you probably want the answers. Without further, ado, here they are!

If you'd like a crossword puzzle (that comes with a $15 discount for lawn mowing services), shoot us a tweet, holler at us on Facebook, or leave a comment below and we'll be sure to get you one. Alternatively, we'll have a booth at Northgate Mall May 9th - 13th so be sure to swing by and get yourself a crossword and a discount on lawn mowing!

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Nenad Dumanovic

Nenad Dumanovic worked for Yardly, the Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service Platform, as an Operations Coordinator. Read his posts for insights to maintaining the perfect lawn and property.