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Update: SnowTapp rebranded as Yardly in February 2016.

SnowTapp has rebranded as Yardly

How it All Began

Last winter Jinny returned home to Edmonton (a week ahead of her husband), after an extended visit to her family in China. Exhausted after a full day of flying, she came home not only to blistering cold, but to a driveway full of packed snow as well. To make matters worse, she had to shovel both her own property and that of her in-law's who had stayed on in China for another week. The ordeal was frustrating for Jinny to say the least, but it did get her husband thinking. How could there not be a service that simply offered to shovel people’s driveways and sidewalks while people were away on vacations? Especially not one in Canada of all places. He searched virtually every corner of the web and was shocked that couldn’t find any reliable service that they could pay on a one-time basis to remove this large snow fall for his jet-lagged wife. This birthed the idea that became SnowTapp.

Who we are

Terry Song, a Professional Mechanical Engineer, got to talking with his co-worker Sheldon Zhang, an Electrical Engineer. Both had a keen entrepreneurial spirit and their backgrounds in engineering had cultivated a strong sense of logic, numbers, and management. Together they co-founded SnowTapp, an on demand snow removal services that allows individuals to order reliable snow removal services right off of their phones.

How it works

SnowTapp is the Uber of snow removal; it connects personally-vetted snow removal providers with people like you, people that would rather spend time doing what they love instead of doing chores. On demand snow removal that’s convenient, reliable, and high quality.

Step 1: Download the App on the Google Play.
Step 2: Register your basic info
Step 3: You will receive a quote
Step 3: Order
Step 4: Relax

SnowTapp Snow Removal Logo

It's that simple.

We will shovel your snow within 24-hours and send you pictures so that you can personally verify that it’s been done to your highest expectations.

You can also order our recurring SnowWatch package. Where we monitor the conditions and will have the property cleared any time there is an excess of 1 cm accumulation. That means that if you’re on vacation or you’ve got a property way on the other end of town, we shovel your snow without you having to so much as lift a finger.

Make Time for What You Love.

Enabling you to make time for what you love lies at the heart of everything we do at SnowTapp. We connect high caliber service providers with customers seeking their services.

On demand snow removal so that you can focus on doing what you love.

Authenticity • Accessibility • Progress • Empowerment • Excellence

Life is precious.

Let us take care of your chilly chores.

Nenad Dumanovic

Nenad Dumanovic worked for Yardly, the Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service Platform, as an Operations Coordinator. Read his posts for insights to maintaining the perfect lawn and property.