Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions About Snow Removal Services

We are 100 days into this year's Snow Removal season at Yardly! Over the past few months, we have been asked a ton of great questions from customers ordering snow removal for the very first time.

Today, we are answering the top five most commonly asked questions from you - the customer! If you have a question that did not make our list, feel free to leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer.

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Alright, let's get into it!

1. "How do you determine price?"

All of Yardly's snow removal prices are based on the square footage of the areas needing to be cleared. We strive to improve customer experience through more personalized pricing. All customer orders placed via web, mobile, or phone are double checked to ensure that customer's pay only for the areas they want. By doing so, a customer isn't grouped in a certain price bracket based on their overall lot size.

If you don't want an certain area cleared, it won't be reflected in your price. Alternatively, if you want to add an area at any time we are able to make the appropriate price adjustments on the fly!

2. "Do I have to call each time?"

This depends on whether you request an On-Demand or Recurring service!

For On-Demand services, you will either need to order online, use one of our apps for iOS or Android, or call us each time you would like a service visit. This option gives flexibility to customers that prefer to clear their snow on a regular basis, but need help every so often.

Alternatively, customers often choose to use one of our Recurring services; selecting either SnowWatch or Monthly. These recurring options allow you to select the dates that you would like coverage for ahead of time.

Our internal applications monitor forecasts and snowfall accumulations so you can focus on other priorities. Property visits are automatically sent to our network of Independent Service Providers to clear after the accumulation trigger in your city has been reached and the snowfall has ended. Think of it as having a snow angel getting you ahead on your to-do list.

3. "I'm going away on vacation, can you help?"

Absolutely! One of the benefits of our SnowWatch service is it's customizable dates. Simply set your own start and end dates and Yardly will take care of the rest. Next time you take a vacation, focus on the beach, mountain, or new city in front of you and forget about your daily chores back at home.

Our SnowWatch service caters to non-vacationers too. Since it is priced per visit, you only pay for the service you receive. In other words, if it doesn't snow you won't be charged.

4. "Does the monthly service price increase if it snows more?"

Nope! Unlike SnowWatch, which is priced per visit, our Monthly service is a prepaid option. Thus, it is independent of how many times it snows in a given month.

We find this option caters perfectly to customers that prefer invariability in their budgets.

5. "Do you clear decks?"

Yes! Decks are one of our exceptions when it comes to paved areas. Another allowed nonpaved surface is wheelchair ramps.

Again, this question ties back into our ability to offer a drag-and-drop experience. So if you have any areas in addition to the usual driveways and walkways, the best answer is to simply ask us.

That wraps up our list of the five most commonly asked questions we've received this snow season.

Please drop us a line below if you have any unanswered questions or suggestions for future articles.

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