Project Offering to Rescue your Extra Fruit

A non-profit helping homeowners put their crops to good use

Raspberry Picking
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Do you have fruit trees in your yard that produce more than you can keep up with?

For many homeowners, the idea of utilitarian plants that not only look pretty but offer snacks is very appealing, in concept. Unfortunately, after a few years of making every baked apple recipe, you can find, the surplus of fruit can become overwhelming. Many people express feeling just sick about wasting good fruit by throwing it in the garbage, but it is too acidic to add to your garden compost.

At YARDLY we are keenly aware of the hassle of fallen fruit that homeowners face, as it has to be mowed around or collected at an additional fee. Fallen produce may rot, attract wasps or cause the grass beneath it to die if it's not picked up quickly enough. Plus, let’s be honest dead crab apples all over your lawn don't look that great.

Which is why you will be thrilled to learn there is a fantastic local project that will take your excess harvest off your hands and put it to good use! I do not have enough good to say about this group and what they do in the capital region.

Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton (a.k.a. OFRE. Pronounced “offer”) a non-profit organization was established in 2009. The project was born out of a desire to raising awareness about food security, to establish local urban connections with our food and an interest in locally grown food.

So how does it work?

OFRE sends volunteer pickers to private residences to pick fruit upon request of the homeowner.

 • 1/4 goes to the homeowner
 • 1/4 goes to Edmonton’s Food Bank or other charitable 
   organizations (See of fruit recipients page for more info)
 • 1/4 goes to the volunteer fruit pickers
 • 1/4 goes to OFRE for processing

And they don’t just pick it! In addition to collecting fruit, OFRE organizes canning & preserving events during the harvest season.

Check out the events and projects page for more information.

Classes: OFRE volunteers occasionally teach canning workshops in the harvest season as well as in the winter months. There are also some canning course series being offered by two OFRE volunteers this year through Metro Education & City Arts Edmonton.

Follow them on Twitter @OFREfruit to stay up to date on events!

Sheldon Z

Sheldon is the Co-Founder of Yardly and he is currently in charge of Marketing and Customer Experience. He enjoys outdoors, soccer and travelling in his spare time.