How to fix brown grass and get your lawn looking its greenest

We’ve talked about everything from repairing damaged grass to ridding your lawn of unsightly weeds. One of the most common problems faced by homeowners, however, is brown grass. We know how frustrating it can be to see your beautiful green lawn blighted by tracts of brown grass so we thought we’d take a look at some of the main causes of brown grass and how to fix it so that your lawn can look its absolute greenest.

What causes brown grass?

Before we examine how to fix brown grass, it’s important to look at some of the reasons why it emerges in the first place. There are four primary reasons why brown grass emerges and a corresponding ‘fix’ for each reason.

Brown grass appears due to:

  • Lack of water
  • Insects
  • Diseases and fungi
  • External products applied to the grass
Fixing brown grass: lack of water

If you’re seeing large or continuous patches of brown grass emerge on your lawn, there’s a good chance it’s because your grass isn’t getting enough water. The best way to determine whether it’s a lack of water that’s causing brown grass is to perform a quick test to determine if your lawn is getting all of the moisture it needs.

To perform the test, grab a shovel and use it to remove a small chunk of grass. Well-watered soil is moist roughly 4 – 6 inches deep and will crumble fairly easily. Perform this test in various sections of your lawn to make sure that you get a sense of the water situation for your entire lawn, instead of just one section or patch of it.

If you’ve determined that your grass isn’t getting the water it needs, then brush up on some best practices for watering your lawn effectively and get to watering!

Fixing brown grass: insects

Insects are a menace and can often lead to more than just brown grass appearing on your lawn. Check for insect activity by running your hand across patches of your grass and looking closely for bite marks and grass damage on your lawn. To check for insects that are feeding on your grass’s roots, dig up a small section of grass and examine whether there is any insect activity. If there is, it’s best to call a professional and have it removed or visit your local home and garden store to purchase the necessary insecticide.

Fixing brown grass: disease

Disease can be tough to spot and tricky to treat. Usually, diseased grass spreads fairly quickly, so it’s important to keep an eye on your lawn and be on the lookout. If you notice a pattern forming and problem grass spreading, call a professional or visit your local home and garden store to pick up a fungicide and treat the grass immediately.

We hope you find these lawn care tips helpful for making your lawn the healthiest it can possibly be. Yardly offers professional on demand lawn mowing and lawn trimming services for customers looking to take care of their lawns affordably and conveniently. Check out our website for a free quote now!

Nenad Dumanovic

Nenad Dumanovic worked for Yardly, the Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service Platform, as an Operations Coordinator. Read his posts for insights to maintaining the perfect lawn and property.