5 Reasons why Edmonton is a Fantastic Place to Launch a Startup

When people think of ‘startups’, ‘entrepreneurship’, and everything that that entails, they usually think of places like Silicon Valley or New York; cutting-edge tech cities that churn out everybody’s favorite apps, websites, and technological tools on the daily. A city that people don’t usually associate with startup culture and innovation is Edmonton.

As a rapidly-growing startup that was founded in Edmonton just a few months ago (and not the only one at that) we’d like to take a moment to shatter a popular image of Edmonton as a “dead” city and show you exactly why we at SnowTapp think Edmonton is one the best places to launch your innovative new startup company.

Edmontonians are forward-thinking.

Edmontonians love embracing new ideas, products, people, and technology and we’re speaking from experience when we say that.

When we launched our service in mid-November, we weren’t expecting much of a public presence for the first year of operations. We were thinking that our family and maybe some of our friends would download the app and tell us what they think. Instead, what we found was a city completely open to trying new technology and testing out a brand new idea. The amount of early adoption and feedback we got from Edmontonians from all walks of life blew us away.

Edmonton supports local business

When we started SnowTapp, we decided that we would try reaching out to anyone and everyone to try and get as much exposure as possible. We figured that we’d probably get a couple yes’s, a few no’s, and a whole lot of non-responses and take it from there.

Instead of that, virtually every major media publication in the city was immediately interested in sharing our story. From daily newspaper staples like Metro News to local media giants like Global to nationally-syndicated radio programs like CBC, Edmonton’s willingness to let us talk about SnowTapp and share it with our great City was truly something special.

Edmonton is intelligent

From TEC Edmonton to eHub to any one of the City’s highly-esteemed post-secondary institutions, Edmonton is truly talented and any entrepreneur’s dream come true. Being based in Edmonton gave us access to some of the brightest, most dedicated talent in the country. As the saying goes, at the end of the day, it’s people that make a company great. Edmonton gave us both great people to help us grow and great people to offer our services to.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many others have spoken about Alberta’s legendary entrepreneurial spirit before, and let us tell you that there is not one iota of exaggeration when people like Prime Minister Trudeau say that Albertans have the drive to turn opportunities into “economic realities”. As entrepreneurs, being surrounded by innovative companies like Paper Leaf and exemplary entrepreneurs like Dennis Cuku is a huge source of inspiration and motivation for us to build the best company we can possibly build.

Edmontonians are straight-talking

This point might seem somewhat unrelated, but in entrepreneurship, one of the most important things your customers can give you is feedback. In fact, when you’ve just launched your app and service, chances are that there’s plenty of room for improvement. When we asked Edmontonians to tell us what they thought of our app, they gave us exactly the honest feedback we needed to improve our service and make it better each and every day.

Nenad Dumanovic

Nenad Dumanovic worked for Yardly, the Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service Platform, as an Operations Coordinator. Read his posts for insights to maintaining the perfect lawn and property.