7 Ways to Win Against Weeds

There's nothing more irritating for home owners and lawn care aficionados than unsightly weeds ruining the green, healthy lawn they spent hours cultivating. Weeds can undoubtedly be a tough and resilient foe, evading all sorts of techniques and products and managing to flourish despite them. However, weeds are combatable and with the right mix of techniques and with a little bit of creativity, you most certainly can defeat them and achieve a weed-less lawn.

Here are 7 common weed control tips and tricks that will help you rid your lawn of those pesky weeds that keep it from looking its absolute best.

Weed Killer Spray

1) Weed-killers are pretty much the go-to for getting rid of weeds. To maximize the efficacy of your weed-killers, use them between March and September when your weeds are actively growing.

2) Do not use weed-killers during drought conditions or dry spells (like the one we’re having right now). Applying weed-killers on overly dry grass can damage your grass and won’t get rid of your weed problem. Water the patch of lawn you want to apply weed-killer to about a day or two in advance of using the weed-killer.

3) Try to use weed-killers with a biodegradable formula that will decompose into natural matter within the soil. Using biodegradable weed-killers will allow you to re-plant an area after clearing it of its weeds.

4) Use different weed-killers and different methods of delivery that are appropriate for the specific task you’re trying to do. If you’re targeting small areas or particular weeds, a ready-to-use formula will do the trick and is simple, cheap, and convenient to apply. If you’re de-weeding large areas, you’ll want concentrated formulas with pre-measured water soluble packets to get the job done. You can apply these packets using a sprayer.

Bagging Grass Clipping

5) As we’ve written about before, mulching your grass is an excellent way of not letting weeds grow on your lawn in the first place. In addition to keeping your soil cool and most, mulching your grass clippings deprive weeds of the sunlight they need to grow. Additionally, mulching encourages healthier, thicker grass which gives weeds a lot less room to spread and develop.

6) Strike early. It’s much easier to fight weeds while they are young and haven’t developed complex root systems and become entrenched in your lawn. Take action as soon as you notice weeds growing and you’ll save yourself a ton of time, effort, and money because you won’t have to fight them at a later date, when the weeds are much stronger and much more difficult to remove.

7) Don’t mow too low. Mowing too low prevents your grass from being able to produce enough nutrients. Additionally, it lets excess sunlight hit your soil’s surface, encouraging the growth of crab grass and goose grass. Mow between 2 and 4 inches to minimize the ability of weeds to develop on your lawn.

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Nenad Dumanovic

Nenad Dumanovic worked for Yardly, the Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service Platform, as an Operations Coordinator. Read his posts for insights to maintaining the perfect lawn and property.