Power Raking Your Way to a Healthier Lawn

In a previous post, we wrote about some standard spring lawn care tips that will prep your lawn for the summer and enable it to be the healthiest, thickest, and greenest it can be. We’ll be taking a look at each of these tips in detail over the coming weeks and fleshing out the best practices and benefits of each lawn care tip, as well as telling you about how we at Yardly can help you make your lawn beautiful.

Let’s take a look at power raking, what it is, how it can dramatically improve the health and quality of your lawn, and how we can help you power rake your way to a beautiful lawn this spring and summer season.

What’s Power Raking?

Power Rake

Power raking is the process of removing “thatch” from your lawn. Thatch (pictured above) refers to the excess buildup of dead or decomposing grass material that usually accumulates over the winter season. While small amounts of thatch can actually help your lawn, layers of thatch that exceed an inch in height can cause serious problems for your lawn by reducing the amount of water and sunlight that gets to your grass, providing a fertile breeding ground for unwanted diseases and insects, and by reducing the efficacy of fertilizers.

When Should I Power Rake?

In a nutshell, right now. Power raking should be done in the mid-spring season. Do not power rake your lawn after mid-May because it could result in unwanted damage to healthy sections of your lawn.

How do I Power Rake?

Spring Clean Up

Power raking can either be done manually or with a special machine. Power raking with a thatch rake (pictured above) consists of essentially the same process as raking your leaves; however, manual power raking can often take hours and generally won’t remove all of the thatch from your lawn. Power raking can also be done with a special machine that brings thatch to the surface and allows you to remove it from your lawn.

The Benefits of Power Raking

There are several major benefits to power raking and de-thatching your lawn.

  • It removes thatch and debris from your lawn allowing water and nutrients easier access to your grass.
  • Power raking allows you to better see and address bare spots in your lawn.
  • It frees up more surface area on your lawn allowing more grass to grow

How Yardly Can Help

We use top tier power raking equipment to remove all of the excess thatch from your lawn. Manually de-thatching your lawn often takes hours and power raking machines are usually unjustifiably expensive for most home owners. Yardly provides professional power raking services to get the job done effectively and affordably. In addition to power raking your lawn, we bag and remove all thatch and debris from the surface of your lawn.

Yardly provides premium power raking and spring cleanup services that will prep your lawn and make it healthy, green, and luscious for the summer. You can order an individual power raking service or our complete spring cleanup package which includes core aeration. Lawn mowing, power raking, and edging. Visit our website or give us a call at 855-688-8277 to get a free quote for your property.

Nenad Dumanovic

Nenad Dumanovic worked for Yardly, the Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service Platform, as an Operations Coordinator. Read his posts for insights to maintaining the perfect lawn and property.